Detailed Haircutting Sessions
1 hour session - $120
For a haircut & blowdry style and add on treatments
1.5 hour session - $180
for a haircut & blowdry style with extra length and add on treatments
Color and Blonding
all color services are priced by $120/hr
1 hour Color Refresh session 
color touchup with glossing treatment
1.5 hour Color Refresh session 
Color touchup, add front pops of lightening, and glossing treatment
2 hour Color Refresh session 
 Color touchup, glossing treatment. Can usually include a light haircut cleanup
1 hour Blonding session
 pops of brightness with foil or balayage and glossing
1.5 hour Blonding session
 perfect for spot highlights, partial highlights or balayage. Glossing treatment for your hair
2 hour Blonding session
  Full foiling or lightening services with a glossing treatment for your hair
2.5 hour Blonding session
  Full foiling, Balayage, all over lightening, or dimensional color services
3 hour Blonding session
 Bigger changes. Lighter and brighter foiling, dimensional color, full highlights or balayage and glossing treatment
3.5 hour Blonding session  
lighter, brighter, dimensional color. Full foils and balayage. Multiple treatments and root shadows
4 hour Blonding session
 Big changes or extra length. Lighter, brighter full highlighting or balayage, root shadows and treatments
4.5 hour Blonding session  
Full changes in color with highlighting or balayage techniques, treatments, or root shadows
5 hours and up is a full color correction.
Please be sure to add a detailed haircut to any of these sessions!
Custom to your hair needs from a selection of treatments
Priced upon consultation. Determined by desired length and texture. To find out more information visit the extensions page.
*Consultation Required for new guests.